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So, we get in a call at the store because the local News-Press has heard something of this 'Iron Man' fellow that seems to be a hit with the youngsters, so they want to talk to us about it.  The torch is passed to the Comic Shop Girl (and let's be honest, it's for my enthusiasm and the fact I can spout this stuff off the top of my head) and they come by for an interview...

... which makes it to the front page.  Go fig.

SORRY!  Wrong link, though I admire Lydia's candor and wasn't so much of a cheerleading shill to say the same myself.  Nope!  Here's Yours Truly with the rah-rah for the store, Iron Man and anything else you pu in front of me.

Santa Barbara News-Press Article

Please note:  It's me, a dog who sadly died and new Child Pornography laws.  It really was a slow news day.  But I said my best, got misquoted and spoke positively about comics in the media and how business changed what was once a child's medium.  Sounds good, right?

It even got us a bit of business.  So that's good there.

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  1. Hoorah! Look at you!

    (Lydia was buried in the back, just after the police auction listings.)

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