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From the Trenches

I come to you live from the madness that is Free Comic Book Day (which I do have to say that if you're not at, you should at least be watching Iron Man right now!), beleaguered and sore.  Of the 35 or so titles we had this morning, we're down to 15 and slowly dropping.  By the end of the day, we'll have the Big Ones (Hellboy, Marvel Adventures, All Star Superman, Jughead, The Disney One, and maybe Tiny Titans), but our free comic table will be skinny.

We had a line outside the door before we opened of at least twenty people as I rushed to make sure our hatches were battened down and the men were ship-shape.  It has been fast and furious.  People have come from miles away and hopefully all of them are leaving happy.  Being a smart little store, we've got a sale going on at the same time which is encouraging people to stay.  Our 'Mature Readers' books were preciously guarded and thankfully gone now nad our Free Autograph Signing with Nathan Kane from Bongo Comics and Bob Gale from EVERYTHING COOL is due up in a little under 30 minutes.

It's a busy day, but productive.  We have no fear.  ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH, COMIC SHOP CLERKS!

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