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WonderCon 2008 – Marvel’s ONLY Panel

Okay, Iron Man.

It's the only goddamned Marvel panel at WonderCon this year and by hell or high water, I was going to be there.

Well, after both hell and high water I found myself a little on the late side in a gigantic auditorium with Jon Favreau and about 300 other people. A lot of the questions were movie based (what inspires you, how was it to work with Stan Winston, etc) and for his part, these didn't seem like technical rote answers. He was just as excited to tell you about going to Skywalker Ranch this weekend to do some mixing as he was to tell you about Rhodey and War Machine in the new movie (probably no War Machine, per se, but the origin of the character will remain true). There was enthusiasm through a second party as Favreau felt that Marvel Studios was very encouraging to get as imaginative and creative as possible with the movie; one, because the more locations, the more armors and the more honest-to-God 'stuff' is in the movie, the more they can make of merchandising. Simple fact that in the case of Iron Man happens to work well; man makes a lot of stuff that would be incredibly cool in 6" plastic.

Two to this is the fact that this is Marvel's first production out of the thumb of any major studio influence but their own. This gives them a lot of freedom to use source material to its fullest and with as much enthusiasm as possible. I like the sound of that, Marvel Zombie that I am, and it gives me hope that not only are they willing to throw the Armory at us, but in Favreau's opinion, create a whole universe that's consistent within their movies (now at least). This level of consistency to both within the movies and to the original stories can lead them t do things like an Avengers movie, which Favreau would like to be a part of. Now, if only we can get that kind of consistency in the comics....

Obviously, there wasn't a lot that could be said about the movie itself, details, specifics, all the nitty gritty you're waiting for. Favreau likened it to being a burglar in a house with a pit bull. You can bring a bag of steaks to sate the pit bull while you're robbing the place, but eventually... you'll run out of steaks. Preferring to work under the white noise of uncertainty, he declined comments on online rumors and dodged and weaved with the best of them.

Well, it wouldn't be a panel without a teaser and he apologized that the 90 second preview attached to Lost wasn't actually this week, but next week (check your local listings). He didn't even have that 90 second preview with him... but he did have the 2 1/2 minute trailer.
Oh man.

A lot of it we've already seen, but there's a lot more of Tony in it, his arrogance, his cocky nature and you're starting to get a feel for the man more than the suit. There's a cute test flight at night that crashes through his garage (Tony's pad being a rather swanky high tech apartment that will delight the nerdy senses), there's a press conference about how there's rumors of him building a hero (maybe becoming a superhero, it was hard to hear) and that he wasn't the 'hero type' interspersed with shots of him kicking ass and blowing shit up like an Iron Man should. One line that caught my attention specifically was "I want to protect the people I put in harm's way" which is a genius motivation and rarely seen in the heroic story of comics. Someone who wants to not put back the genie in the bottle, but survive what came out and help the innocent who never brought this on themselves.

The movie is going to be fantastic; with the enthusiasm from both directions, both corporate and fan, it would take a catastrophe to ruin something this well made. Again.... if we could just get this level of attention on the comics.

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