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We All Together When We Go

Steve Gerber passed away this week, a fact I'm sure you all know even if you've been living under a rock (good WiFi reception under rocks!). You know this because everyone has wanted to note this passing, celebrate the author or chip in at least two-cents about a man who left quite a legacy behind him. It's remarkable how many blogs and articles have cropped up on my news feed about Mr. Gerber, what he wrought upon our comic shelves and how much his work meant to a lot of people. From casual fan to hardened hero, everyone's had something to say and the fact that everyone steps up when times are tough and takes note when a beloved creator leaves us is pretty much why I enjoy comic fandom as much as I do. For all the bickering and pain and agony these books bring, they also introduced us to some pretty awesome people, both on the page and off.

Everything I could have said or wanted to say was already covered excellently by Mike Sterling, so I'll let his words stand. Thanks Mr. Gerber.

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