snap judgments no, really, there are some comics you really should read


Do the BUMP

Adult Swim, makers of fine cartooning and popular Sunday night wastes of time, had the following bump play between Futurama, their first show and Family Guy, their most popular:

Attention Marvel Comics

Y'all some idiots

You don't kill off Captain America to make deep political statements

IT'S A *scribbled out expletive* COMIC BOOK

Stan Lee would have never pulled a New Coke maneuver like this


Neil Gaiman already have deep statements covered.

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  1. I think it was “Neil Gaiman already has deep statements covered. Thanks for posting it. Couldn’t find it anywhere else. Am adding it to my blog. —Lisa

  2. hmmm. but I could be wrong. Anyway. Cool site you have here. Seriously.

  3. Hooray! Go Adult Swim!!

    Of course, considering that Marvel is ecstatic over how Stephen Colbert raked the post-Civil War universe over the coals, I’m not confident they got the message.

  4. lisa: Yeah, and I just erased it from my TiVo too. Eh. The message still makes it across.

    Fortress Keeper: Dude, they just gave Colbert “Cap’s Shield” tonight. Remember how the freshmen used to look up to the hip seniors in high school?

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